Child protection on the Internet



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 Pornography is on the Internet for every child

accessible with a mouse click



The billions in sales of the porn industry in Europe determine the interpretation

and thus circumvention of the Youth Protection Act.


Under current law, the pornographic market accessible to children meets

on the Internet the offense of a crime.




§ 184 of the Criminal Code (StGB):

"Anyone who makes pornography accessible to a person under eighteen years of age,

 or who is accessible to a person who can be seen, displayed or demonstrated

by minors will be punishable by prosecution."



In 2013, the European Parliament rejects citing the cessation of

censorship a porn block for the Internet.


This political, pan-European decision serves market interests.

The porn industry receives the legal free ticket to reach as many users on the Internet. The well-being of children backs behind industrial profit thinking and the citizen is deceived with a sham for youth protection on the sex sides. Pornography is available around the clock on the Internet for every kid and on every smartphone accessible without effective age control.



Pornography harms children!


The porn industry is booming, while children's brains are deformed and

Adolescents increasingly become sexual violent offenders.




"What we see now is that pornography is a factor in 100 per cent of the cases (sexual violence)we see, where as it used to just account for a small portion of cases 10 years ago."




In our society, the so-called "freedom of information" about the spiritual well-being

posed by children and the weaker. Considering the increase and abnormality of juvenile sex offenses, our society is required to change their attitude to freely available pornography. It is our moral duty to orient and use the weakest and youngest members of our society as a benchmark, when we speak of freedom of information.


Pornography does not convey information, but produces sexual arousal

within the consumer, and is highly addictive!



Minors are the majority of users of pornography on the Internet.



Free availability of pornography - without effective age control -serves the industrial profit regardless of the harm done to children. The highly exciting porn-images trigger an uncontrollable momentum in the psyche of young recipients.



If market interests take priority over the welfare of children

our policy serves the wrong goals!



Those who want to make changes and are prepared to put their legal expertise or personal commitment to good use, are welcome to support the SOS initiative by petitioning the European Parliament to achieve the implementation of the youth protection provisions.



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