Pornography separates woman and man










Freely available pornography changes the relationship and

the roles between women and men


The biological programs and perceptual filters of the man, who react to the body of a woman, are unnaturally strengthened by pornography. The user's brain is programmed neuronal

at the sight of women to automatically turn on the sex pulse and turn off other

non-sexually motivated perceptions.



   The attention of regular porn consumers is directed onto the body,

and the sexual effect of a woman.



Pornography consumption programs the neural processing processes of the users brain to view

women as sexual objects. The ability and interest to perceive the essence of a woman are diminishing in the brain structures of intensive male users.



The treatment of women changes in the porn age!


While consuming pornography, the men learn neither to have feelings, or the art of being charming in touch with a woman, in order to achieve a sexual impulse and arousal.


Men are neurally unable to make experiences of love and emotional sexuality in relation to the intensity of their pornography consumption. They lose the need and also the neuronal ability

to build an emotional connection with the partner, to feel close, and to

experience loving feelings during sex.



In physical union,  woman and man remain mentally separate.


Young men in the porno age show less interest in love, affection, or a relationship.

With a woman they spend time to have sex.


Girls learn under the influence of the female role-models of the porn industry, that their value lies in their sexual effect and availability for the man. Porn sex is practiced by them and specifically used to acquire recognition and a boy friend. The stimuli of the body and the signaling of sexual readiness are at the center of the interaction. The experience of love, being close, and being connected to the (sex) partner, remains closed to the porn generation.



The role models of the porn industry lead both sexes

into emotional isolation and destabilization.


Freely available pornography destroys the natural relationship of the sexes. Men lose the desire for attachment and social competence to approach a woman outside the sexual intentions.

Male Internet sex consumers remain passive in their interaction with women. They can be easily conquered for any sex adventures by women who offer themselves with sex in order to get a partner. The inner feeling of the union remains closed for both sexes in the sexual act.

The partner is solely used for sex drive. Pornography consumption limits the user's sexual experience to pure physical drive without feelings, even when having sex with a real partner.

(Bridges, A. J. (2010). Pornography’s Effect on Interpersonal Relationships. In J. Stoner and D. Hughes (Eds.) The Social Costs of Pornography:

A Collection of Papers (pp. 89-110).



Intense consumption of pornography destroys the ability to bind!


Longitudinal section studies show:

The more pornography is consumed, the more sexuality is separated from each relationship

context and occasional sex is practiced without feelings. After consuming pornographic material, the appearance and sexual attraction of the partner is rated less positive. Men perceive

themselves as less loving for their partner than men, who do not watch porn.

 Pornography users often develop symptoms such as anxiety and depression.




The gender models of the porn industry have the most impact on children and adolescents. For them it is increasingly a relationship equated with having sex.



Under the influence of the porn industry, young girls more than ever, define themselves via their body, and their sexual effect on the opposite sex. In their naive effort to imitate female porn models, they lose access to their female power and the possibility to have

a strengthening (sexual) connection with a man.



In the porn age, young men sacrifice their natural desire for attachment and their hunting instinct. They become emotionless collectors of ejaculations in front of the monitor and

random sex adventures with willing women, who are hunting for non-binding men.

Internally isolated and emotionally emptied, the "generation porn" returns to the single

apartment alone following the Sex-date, to find there a new match on the Internet.



Women lose their female power and dignity.


While in the past centuries, women have been able to bind men through sex, this power of women is lost in the porn age. A "porn-programmed" men's brain reacts with the release

of stress hormones when interacting with a woman beyond the sexual act.

The young men of the porn age avoid this stress by arranging only

dates for sexual adventures.



Less than ever, young people experience their partnership as a strengthening.

Sexuality serves not only for pleasure or reproduction. It is also connected with the human need for attachment and relationship, and also fulfills social tasks.

Loveless relationships, based on emotionless sex, frustrate the partners and lead to power struggles, stagings and manipulations.



The natural understanding of the roles and relationships between women and men is changing under the influence of freely available pornography.



  In the brain of regular porn users, there develops the virtually received, and neurally anchored image of woman as an interchangeable and willing sexual object, an independent dynamic. The emotional desire for bonding dies neuronal in male intensive, pornographic users. The man learns from pornography to be a sex consumer who simply uses the female body.

Respect and empathy for women become lost to intense porn users.

The more pronounced feminine desire to bind, and the passive behavior of pornography socialized men, urges the young women of the porn age to chase men

with porn-sex offers to conquer a partner.


  Pornography damages the natural connection of women and men.


Freely available Internet pornography changes the notions of sexuality and the role of woman and man collectively. It has the power to divide the sexes, by reducing human sexuality into the physical impulsiveness, thus robbing both, women and men, in sexual union, of their ability to

have emotional proximity, and therefore removing the opportunity to experience

the sensual unity with the partner.


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