SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Pornography consumption changes the brain The human brain structures are malleable With the human brain possessing the ability to react to situations with a neuronal plasticity, our brains develop in the long-term, in the form of a biochemical, automatic gear, producing structures and networks that form neuronal maps of our experiences, locking them away within our memories, keeping them unconsciously available to us for involuntary, instant recall, inside the neuronal structures that have been automatically created. ( The experiences and stimuli that trigger emotions are important to the human brain and are anchored in the long term. The physical structure of the brain changes all the more strongly the more intensively the experiences are associated with feelings, the more often a behavior occurs and the younger the brain is. The human brain does not distinguish between reality and fiction when it processes stimuli. Porn Consumption shapes young brain structures! Pornography arouses the user and leads to intensive neurotransmitter distributions at the activated nerve cells, whereby stable neuronal couplings in the brain structures establish themselves. The degree of excitement, the intensity of the emotional involvement and the frequency of the stimulus, determine how stable the brain is to create neuronal structures that represent the pornographic experience and make it available for retrieval. ( Every pornographic representation changes the brain of a child. New research results prove: - more acceptance of the rape myth - more acceptance of violence against women - more adversarial sex beliefs - increasing their estimates of how often people engage in sex with violence - more self-reported likelihood of forcing a women sexually - more self-reported likelihood of rape - creating more sexually violent fantasies to get aroused - engaging in more sexual harassment behaviors - more likelihood of forcing a woman sexually - more likelihood of future rape - using physical coercion to have sex - using verbal coercion to have sex - using drugs and alcohol to sexually coerce women - having engaged in rape - having engaged in date rape - having engaged in marital rape - being an adult sex offender - being a child molester - being an incest offender - engaging in sexual abuse of a battered spouse - more willingness to have sex with 13-14 year olds - more sexual attraction to children - having sexually abused children ( The human brain responds to pornography! Frequent pornography reduces the amount of gray matter in the brain. (Link: There is a link between the number of hours a user spends per week with pornography and the size of the gray substance in his brain. The more pornography consumed, the smaller the volume of the Striatum (the reward center) in the brain. The porno-consumer then needs more and more incentives to achieve the same biochemical reward level and to experience satisfaction, which also captivates his world of thought in everyday life, triggering sexual fantasies that actively push for their realisation in reality. Pornography has a very high addiction factor, and the younger the consumer, the stronger the effects on his brain. The consumption of pornography writes neural programs into the user´s brain, limiting sexuality to physical impulse without feelings. Please support and share SOS. Thank you! . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!