Consciousness determines the course of mankind










Human evolution is guided by the higher development

of the brain functions


Where the journey of mankind is going on Earth depends on the activation of the unused potential of our brain. We can consciously decide which skills and circuits

we stimulate in our brains.



The functions of the human brain are programmable!


By the development of our higher brain structures, we can release the full human potential.

The body of our species does not change, but the circuits in our brain are constantly

changing in an interplay with the environment.



The collective consciousness on Earth is a reflection of the neural programs that the human

brain develops continuously, and anchors in its structures.



Our species has steadily developed through experience.

The evolution of mankind is not yet complete!



Since the beginning of mankind,  the neuronal circuits of the brain have expanded, as a result of which our species has developed spiritually as well as culturally. We have developed moral values, we are committed to peace, equality and the protection of nature.



Pornography consumption limits the development

of the brain structures.


The  emotional and exciting experiences in media consumption, particularly in the case of Internet sex offerings and violent computer games, all influence the formation of the neural programs of the brain and its structures. Early and regular porn consumption inhibits the functions of the frontal brain, the seat of empathy, intuition and of moral values.



The oldest brain region of human beings is the brain stem, also called reptile brain. It is our heritage from the animal kingdom and represents the animal impulses within us. As with the cold-blooded reptiles, the brain stem also directs the stress and survival reactions in humans, such as combat, or flight, aggressions and sexual drive.



The most recent human brain is the frontal brain. It is the least developed and it is considered

to be the seat of empathy, intuition and spirituality.

At the age of 21 the frontal brain is fully developed.

Social competences, foresight, creativity, precognition, and moral values, are part of the performance spectrum of the frontal brain.



On planet Earth, only humans and dolphins possess a frontal brain.


The activity level of the frontal brain, or the reptile brain, increases, and as with a targeted muscle training routine, the more intensively the respective area is addressed. Depending upon which brain parts we feed, the abilities and facilities that are localized here are intensified.

The (spiritual) evolution of mankind moves in the corresponding direction.



Pornography is food for the reptile brain!


We have now arrived at the crossroads of our collective development of consciousness.

Where will this journey lead us to on planet Earth?


The children of the media age lose their sense of reality, due to their constant exposure to the daily intake of pornography and fictional violence that is absorbed into their young brain structures, leaving their brains biochemically degenerated,and neurally closed.



Pornography and fictional violence are shaping

our brains and our lives!


By the (medial) negative programming of our brain structures, we can go back to our

cold-blooded and combative roots, innately inherited from the animal kingdom,

or by activating our frontal brain functions into a more highly developed,

peaceful, and socially functional future.



It is time for psycho-hygiene, by becoming aware of destructive

Media influences in order to protect our children.


Pornography changes the brain of young and intense recipients. The daily world-wide, million-fold porn consumption via the Internet has the power to decompose the ability to love

on the planet, and to isolate people emotionally by dividing the sexes.



We live as a community on Earth.

Together we can shape our future positively!


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Thank you!




Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!