SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Pornography normalizes sexual violence ﷯ Freely available pornography leads to the rise of sexual violence Pornography creates a dangerous perception of female pleasure, and sexual drive toward satisfaction in the minds of the users. Women are at more risk than ever to become a victim of sexual violence, due to the free availability of pornography, while rapes are being increasingly trivialized by the influence of the porn industry. Rape victims are becoming increasingly irrelevant in criminal proceedings. More and more frequently, the perpetrator's story is at the center of the process to find extenuating circumstances such as the influence of alcohol or a difficult childhood. The victims are asked to understand that. A rape should be a contemptible, and hard-to-punish crime in a modern, humanitarian society - which stands for peace and human rights. The violent intrusion into the body of another person, for sexual motives, violates the dignity of man and hurt not only the body, but also the soul deeply. The victim suffers lifelong from the consequences of traumatization. The Internet pornography society is sexually brutal! In the most popular porn films, sexual violence against women is normal: 88 % of the scenes show physical violence 49 % of the scenes contain verbal aggression against women 95 % of the victims of sexual violence react neutrally or with pleasure ( ) ( Women are portrayed by the porn industry as a grateful victim of male sexual violence. In the compilation of research on sexual violence and pornography, Dr. Mary Anne Layden finds that porn consumers develop the following beliefs and practises: - believing a rape victim enjoyed rape - believing women in general enjoy rape - believing a rape victim experienced pleasure and “got what she wanted” - believing women make false accusations of rape - more likelihood of future rape - having engaged in rape ( Learning by observation is the main source of human learning: The more violent the pornography, the more the user is inclined, to advocate sexual violence, and to live it out. (Ohbuchi, K. Ikeda, T. & Takeuchi, G. (1994). Effects of violent pornography upon viewers rape myth beliefs: A study of Japanese males. Psychology, Crime & Law, 1, 71-81.) Sexual assaults and rapes under the influence of freely available pornography are increasingly brutal! ( Strict religious morals, lack of education, the experience of lovelessness, social exclusion, poverty, or domestic violence, are fertile ground for the neuronal anchoring of the violent sexual models of the pornographic industry, which leads to a strong desire for imitation in young and sensitive consumers. In Sweden, in January 2017, a group rape took place, which the perpetrators transmitted to the Internet with their smartphones. For hours, a live stream on Facebook saw three gunmen in a room rape an obviously unconscious woman and make fun of the victim. ( Pornography depicting rape must be banned! In July 2017 in Leicester, UK, a juvenile raped and bludgeoned a young woman on his 17th birthday, leaving her for dead, after he was consuming violence pornography on the internet. "Jurors took just over three hours to convict Pearce after hearing how he had searched for internet videos depicting the rape of “helpless” women in the weeks leading up to the attack... The jury was told the youth was “fixated” on violent and controlling sex attacks - which he researched on the internet in the days and weeks before carrying out the “unspeakable” assault." The brain learns (in autopilot mode) during the consumption of pornography! ( "Pornography, like rape, is a male invention, designed to dehumanize women, to reduce the female to an object of sexual access...our bodies are being stripped, exposed and contorted for the purpose of ridicule to bolster that "masculine esteem", which gets its kick and sense of power from viewing female´s as anonymous, panting playthings, adult toys, dehumanized objects to be used, abused, broken and discarded." (Susan Brownmiller, "Against Our Will", page 394) In the porno age, sexual violence is increasingly perpetrated by minors! In Chicago, six young people raped a 15-year-old girl in April 2017. They are filming the act and showcasing the crime live on Facebook. The youngest offender is 14 years old. ( 13 % of girls, and 3 % of boys experience sexual violence by other youngsters. ( Children rape children: A ten years old schoolboy played out his ‘sexual fantasies’ by raping a girl under eight after he became addicted to extreme pornography on the Internet. ( The Hamburger Verein Dunkelziffer e.V. estimates that at least one third of the offenders of sexual abuse are juveniles. The highest risk of sexual abuse in children falls between the age group of 14 to 16 year-olds. ( Sex offenders have a high pornography consumption! Daily porn consumers are three times more likely to be perpetrators of sexual abuse than rare consumers. They consume almost six times more child pornography. (Priebe et al, 2007) ( “It was even violent back in my day, but I got involved in hardcore porn... But yeah, in my day I would have never let anyone rip my mouth or put some weird gadget in my mouth, or do something where they’re causing a rectum prolapse, I wouldn’t have done that. I would’ve walked away. Nowadays, girls have to end up doing that stuff, because that’s what sells. So it’s really sad that this is the lot of our society, but you know, everyone’s so desensitized to vanilla sex now. They want it harder, and grosser, and darker, and you know, I can’t imagine what our society will be like in 20 years from now. I can’t, I don’t think I… I’ll have to like, move to the mountains or something, because I doubt any normal girl could walk the street at that point.” (Shelley Lubben, Ex Porn Star) ( What sexual fantasies trigger violent Internet sex offerings? What is happening in the minds of young Muslim, or Hindu men, whom because of their faith and their culture, have no way of obtaining a realistic picture of sexuality, but they consume porn on a daily basis, and watch women with several men at the same time, having brutal sex, or who seem to satisfy themselves lustfully with huge vibrators? At the New Year's Eve 2015, hundreds of women are traumatized in public sex-mob attacks in European cities. In Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Austria, male Muslim immigrants were grouped together, encircling their female victims, and harassing them sexually. They grabbed at their breasts, and their genital areas, in attempts to rape them. What is the image of female lust and sexual willingness in the minds of porno-consumers? On December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old student traveled with her boy-friend through the area of Indian New Dehli in a private bus. The couple were attacked by six men. They rape and torture the young woman with an iron rod, until her abdomen was torn. Her boy-friend had to watch the crime helplessly, then they threw the seriously injured woman and the young man out of the bus. The emergency physician says later in the interview: "I've never seen such bad injuries. I could not even find her stomach." In the hospital, the victim suffered several heart attacks and eventually died. ( Freely available pornography endangers the safety of women worldwide! Please support the SOS-Action. Thank you. . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!