SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Children and adolescents are the largest user group of Internet Pornography Millions of teenagers regularly visit porn sites Long before children themselves have sexual experiences on a natural level, they consume hard porn on the Internet. While observing extreme sexual practices on the monitor, which they perceive as a realistic image of adult sexuality, the porn industry manipulates and shapes their awakening sexuality, distorting their perception of the relationship between a woman and a man. ( ( What future do we expect when our children learn the relationship rules between a woman and man when observed by freely available pornography? Pornography captures the child's attention. Like the `hit´of a heroin shot, the consumption of pornography immediately catches the child's curiosity, and the young, uninformed brain responds. It wants more excitement, and then it demands it, whilst it invariably sucks up the sex shows like a dry, hungry sponge, anchoring the pictures neuronally for future reference in the long term. In their excited, trance like state of mind, in front of the monitor, the young brain structures format their first basic sexual patterns that can remain linked to the emotionless practices of the porn industry for the rest of their lifetime. ( Pornography deforms young brain structures! In the process of experiencing sexual pleasure, the stimulation patterns activated by the use of pornography are automatically stored and retrieved at a later date from the brain. The awakening sexuality receives (without notice) through the socialization agent of pornography a first orientation, that cannot then be discovered and experienced by the teenager naturally. The sexual excitability of young users can remain a lifelong fixation, hooked to the models of the porn industry, whether he/she wants it or not. If the first sexual excitement patterns in the young brain are generated and shaped by pornography, the brain becomes incapable of experiencing sexual arousal in connection with `direct feelings´ for the partner. Love falls as a motive for sex. Children have no sexual experience. In the age of freely available Internet pornography, their notions of sexuality, combined with their understanding of the role of a woman and that of a man in relationships, are no longer characterized by their experiences in `first love relationships´, but more so by the deeply penetrating influences of the porn industry. Pornographically socialized young people, increasingly experience sexuality without any emotional involvement, without love, physical caresses and tender kissing. Sex becomes a purely physical experience of sexual drive that covers the various body openings. Simply a sexual act to be performed upon demand, to a predetermined tune, as exalted by the porn industry. Pornography sexpractices are normal for teenagers today. Group sex is the latest trend among teenagers. ( ("Deutschlands sexuelle Tragödie. Wenn Kinder nicht mehr lernen, was Liebe ist." Siggelkow/Büscher ) A study from the year 2017 shows that 87% of the children from 10 years of age have their own smart-phone in Germany, and thus surf the Internet every day. As a result of this technology, every second child, aged six and seven, is using the Internet on a daily basis for up to 40 minutes, and from the age of 12, all children are regularly Online. The age group of 16-18-year-old's spend two hours every day on the Internet. (Forsa Institut, 2017) Children are daily confronted with pornographic content on the Internet! Citizens are advised to install child protection, in the form of parental controls, on PC´s and other smart devices. Yet does that protect those children who do not grow up guarded, with a stable family environment? The victims of the addiction and pollutants of a turnover-oriented entertainment industry are all too often, those children that are already disadvantaged in many, many ways. A far more sensible cause of action would be to ensure that any material that could harm children, is not freely available upon request. Adults who want to deal with pornography and raw violence, should be able to access such accounts with a proof of their age. However, it seems to many people to be an infringement of their liberties, because they want to consume pornography and violence anonymously, and in the raw, without regard for the safety of children, and weaker members of our society. The citizen is lured into this trap with the use of slogans such as, "information freedom", which under closer examination, actually means `revenue maximization´ and the industrial freedom to exploit the masses. Why do we accept this? What kind of future awaits the children of the porn-age? Please support the SOS-Action! Thank you. . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!