SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Internet pornography changes our world SOS is committed to the protection of children We want children of today and future generations to have the opportunity to experience their sexuality in the context of genuine, natural feelings, in order to build healthy and loving relationships as the basis for a pro-social, equal, and peaceful society. One, in which women and men value each other as individuals, interacting with appreciation and mutual respect. Love is the key for the higher development of our species. Mother Earth is callously plundered and pillaged by profit greed, polluted and brought out of it´s natural balance. The human psyche is increasingly shaped and manipulated by a sales-oriented entertainment industry. The freedom of the porn industry, via the Internet, robs millions of people of their sensual sexuality, whilst we are coerced into the mistaken belief that we are sexually free and well informed. Collective effect Freely available pornography is making our society sick, by separating women and men emotionally. In the developing brains of our children, pornography is blocking the neural possibility of experiencing physical arousal in connection with our naturally innate, loving feelings. The ability to experience deep, loving feelings for the partner during sex is neurally blocked by the intensive use of pornography, even in adult consumers. Pornography consumption inhibits the higher brain functions. Pornography consumption inhibits the development of functions in the higher brain regions (frontal brain) and intensifies activities in the lower brain circuits (brain stem / reptile brain). This leads to the reduction of the higher brain functions of our species, such as empathy, intuition and per social competencies. Harmful media programs, such as pornography and fictional violence, which have a profound effect on the human brain structures, should be accessible (on television and on the Internet) only for brains that have reached the latter state of maturity, and this process is not achieved until the age of 21 years. What happens to our society, our world, when women and men are losing their capability to form emotional relationships? The involuntary Mind programming effect of the porn industry decouples the natural sexual desire of the users neural function within his brain, from any sense of feelings. The ability to experience sex coupled with feelings can remain neurologically, as a lifelong, closed door to the young, and to all consumers that use porn intensely. Sexuality and relationships are lived out daily by more and more people following the examples of the role models of the porn industry. Sexual violence, brutalization, isolation, and the emotional separation of the sexes are the soul-destroying consequences of this. Pornography deforms the young brain! We can either watch how our children and teenagers mutate under the flood of pornographic images from the Internet, leaving them to become emotionless, isolated, sex zombies, or we can become pro-active and take a decision to give a positive direction to all of our collective development. ( We can change this situation and actively shape a life worth living on Earth! The billions of dollars earned with Internet pornography determine in Europe the interpretation of legislation on the protection of minors. The protection of minors is circumvented in the Internet by means of a phantom rule. Our children increasingly become ill under the (unintended) mental addiction and harmful substances of the entertainment and porn industry. In the interests of our social welfare and our future, SOS is committed to the protection of minors on the Internet. Please support and share SOS. Thank you. . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!