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"What entertains us today, can kill us tomorrow. Mindprogramming-Effect

and Youth Violence" (Iris Zukowski)

The modern man lives in the midst of the information flood of the media age. Large screen films, the Internet, and computer games,  now determine our leisure activities. We use these media tools every day, consuming the most brutal violence and pornography in large format, totally unaware of the effect that these images produce inside us.













"We are increasingly trapped in the media world. We experience an illusion of reality, mutating

into uninhibited marionettes at the threads of (media) power. We are spoiled, drunk, blinded, and insecure in front of the computer and TV-screen, only receiving the information that we are intended to receive. Our brain is working with the recorded data, similar to an experimental rat following the animation program. Our concept of reality is fed to the brain at the push of a button, without a

USB plugin at the neck. We lose sight of our individuality and no longer feel our own selves in the onslaught of the media brainwash programs. As a result, we cannot follow the natural call of our souls, for we can no longer hear the inner voice. It's time to wake up and pull the plug!

We live on perhaps, the most beautiful planet in the universe, and our brain has more neuronal connections than there are stars in the 'Milky Way'.

When we wake up and break out from the prison of the voluntary-involuntary,"media-mind programming," we can begin to use our full potential. We can create a world that is livable and peaceful. A world that truly nourishes our souls. We can write new programs and radiate constructive information that will make our lives worth living, for the benefit of us all."

(from: "Was uns heute unterhält, kann uns morgen töten. Mindprogramming Effekt und Jugendgewalt", Iris Zukowski, Ruhland Verlag, 2017)





Porn Industry


Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn (Shelley Lubben)

“Shelley Lubben rips the seductive mask off of pornography and exposes the hardcore truth behind the "greatest illusion on earth". Her spectacular journey from childhood sexual abuse to prostitution to the deadly unglamorous realm of porn sets. Shelley is brutally honest about her past. Pornography is modern day slavery for thousands of women and the millions of

porn addicts who can't stop clicking...”


("Pornographie, Die größte Illusion der Welt", Shelley Lubben, Ruhland Verlag, 2016)











"Porn can kill you literally: from 2000 to 2010, there were at least 34 deaths related to drugs among actors. They are given drinks like vodka and Percocet smoothies, then the women are dazed

enough to cope with extremely degrading, hard sex acts. If alcohol is not enough to kill the pain,

the stars are sent to a doctor who is in the `back pocket´ of the porn industry, to prescribe them

with Vicodin, Xanax, Valium ,and other sedatives in order to endure their traumata..."

(freely translated from "Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn. The Greatest Illusion on Earth", Shelley Lubben)






Social future


"The way to an egalitarian society" (Heide Göttner-Abendroth)

"Heide Göttner-Abendroth is a philosopher and researcher in society, culture and civilization, with matriarchal societies her main focus. With her book`The Way to the egalitarian society´she provides a materialistic life design which can help to replace the patriarchal social model for a vision of a more humane social structure for our Western society."













"For we can scarcely connect ourselves with the earth with our soul and body, if we do not celebrate them, by reproducing their changing images of the season as matriarchal peoples do. We touch them with affection, we embellish them through our beautiful festive appearance, we praise them and bring them to our consciousness through our contemplative look. For through us 'nature looks at its beauty itself'. This is the dialogue with the goddess within us and around us. To lead him to a `re-enchantment of the world ', which is only another way to sanctify the world again."

(from “Der Weg zu einer egalitären Gesellschaft”, Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Drachen Verlag, 2008)




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