Women become unworthy body objects










Pornography is perceived by inexperienced consumers as

a realistic representation of human sexuality


The suffering behind the scenes of porn productions remains hidden from the recipient.

He sees only sexy women who obviously enjoy the penetration of their bodily orifices, stretched wide, in close-up and often carried out as brutal group rapes. Even the adult consumer will be brainwashed into believing that no physical pain occurs when a giant penis is inserted deep into the throat, or brutally thrust into the anus without mercy. Under the influence of freely available pornography, more and more men are demanding of their partners to perform the live action scenes of these sexual practices that they have come to know, only from ingested porn. The fact that these scenes are shot in pain, and under the influence of drugs, in order to achieve the highest possible revenues, and to win over the saturated, and complete attention of the regular consumer, is blown right out of any sense of reality, by the lusty excitement

that is displayed on the monitor.



Porn sex practices are painful and humiliating for women.

They injure not only the body but also the psyche.



"A disturbed digestion is probably the least damaging effect to be suffered upon the body by hard anal sex. Many women suffer a prolapse, a bad condition, in which the walls of the rectum are left protruding through the anus, and thus become visible outside the body. It is possible that this damage becomes a permanent feature - to the pleasure of bestial porn producers

 who arrange it to create a "fetish" out of this unspeakable condition. "

("Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn. The greatest Illusion on Earth," Shelley Lubben)



Rough words and insults from men whilst they penetrate the actress aggressively, choking, spitting, or even urinating on her, leave deeply wounding scars upon the soul. All kinds

of sexual diseases are transmitted. In the porn business, one dies young of

AIDS, suicide, drugs, or murder.



The images of female lust and pleasure are a lie in pornography.


The fact that porno actors take drugs, painkillers, psycho pharmaceuticals, and alcohol in high doses, simply in order to be able to physically and mentally, cope with the challenge of a

 hard day´s porn shooting schedule, few viewers know, or are even aware of.

The pain and the agony of the on-screen actors is covered with moans of pleasure,

and screams of delight to mask the true nature of their suffering.


The porn experiences from the reality-oriented

, object world on the monitor are transferred to our reality without reflection. This is especially a common reaction among the young

consumers, who know nothing prior to their first exposure to such material.

Young girls and women, with or without their consent, are increasingly penetrated these days

in porn-style-sex, without awareness, or regard for the pain that this type of sex can cause.

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Female Porn stars lose their human dignity

and the male performers their respect of women.


The actresses are booked, and often they are informed on the day of shooting, what exactly is to be filmed. If they do not agree to the planned gang rape or anal sex, they have not only lost the revenue for the day, they are also threatened by the porn producer with claims for damages.

The consumer of the later porn video-show, however, sees these women with pouting lips,

wide-eyed, greedy and lustfully looking at the camera, apparently enjoying the

sexual abuse being inflicted upon them in return for money.

("Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn. The greatest Illusion on Earth," Shelley Lubben)


There remain broken souls and destroyed lives after a porn career, which provides the porn industry with revenues in billions, and more and more citizens afflicted with a major,

life controlling, pornography addiction.



"Most Successful Male Porn Star Of All Time Speaks Out On Porn"











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