Pornography consumption changes the brain activity











Every day, millions of people of all ages around the globe are

sexually aroused with pornography



For a long time it was not possible to get an insight into the processing of the brain during the consumption of pornography. With the use of computer tomography and brain scans,

the effects of pornography on the brain activity of the recipient can now be made

available for scientific analysis.



Dr. Valerie Voon of Cambridge University, has scanned the brains of men aged 19-34, whose daily lives are determined by pornography, in fMRT. Healthy men were used as a control group.

Pornographic material was presented to both groups of men during the brain scan.














In the fMRI, porn-addicted men show twice as much excitement in the brain´s reward center as the control group. The  Nucleus accumbens, which is located in the center of the reward system, reacts with the release of the neurotransmitter `Dopamine´as soon as something seems very tempting to us. Dopamine is a so-called happiness hormone, which makes an individual feel euphoric and drives us to actions.


Interestingly, the brain activities of porn addicts resemble those of drug addicts. If one shows

the addict the substance of his addiction, the reward center reacts and the brain immediately asks for the stimulus. Also, the areas for anticipation and physical excitement, flashed like a firework in the brain scan, while the brain activity in the control group remained

inconspicuous at near normal levels.


The regular porn user can not influence his reaction to pornographic material. In his brain, the same brain areas as a drug addict react and drive him to satisfy his carving for the addiction.





Freely available pornography on the Internet is comparable to cocaine on

the kitchen table of millions of households.

Once consumed, the (young) brain asks immediately after the excitement

for further replenishment.



The most powerful effects have porn offers upon

children and adolescents!


A youthful brain is extremely susceptible to any type of addiction, and has a particularly

high susceptibility to sexual stimuli. The hormonal changeover during puberty leads to the reward center of the brain being either, over-reacted, or passive, depending on the stimulus.


Pornography damaged (young) men show an unusually strong response to sexual stimuli, such as tight clothing, or deep cut-outs in every day life, a feeling unnaturally, strongly driven to satisfy their sexual desire immediately. On the quick impulsive satisfaction level, there mostly

follows a mental low, that can culminate in clinical depression.



23% of the boys in the age group of 16-19 year-old´s experience problems in controlling their porn-consumption. Every fourth male teenager at this age is already addicted to porn.

(Source: University of East London, 2013)

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Just as a drug addict follows the short, high of the ride, satisfaction in the porn shoot up is a short-lived experience, which must be quickly replenished with the kick of a new high.

The porn addict is thus trapped in the dark cycle of lust for more porn material,

and increasingly harder, explicit scenes in order to satisfy his cravings.



Freely available pornography affects a whole generation!


Children and adolescents, who are growing up in the porn age, come into contact with pornography on the Internet at the age of as young as 10 years. If a 10-year-old boy begins to become interested in female bodies, he does not simply encounter naked breasts on the

Internet, but raw, sexual, and in most cases, brutal violence, which can traumatize

children for the rest of their lives.






The male porn stars who behave like sexual psychopaths, become the new male role models for the awakening male sexuality, as experienced by this young,

impressionable generation.


The famous, London Portman Clinic, which specializes in sexual abnormality, sexual violence, and criminal behavior, confirms that the levels of sexual violence have increased in keeping with the rise of freely available, Internet pornography. The clinic treats children and adolescents who exercise sexual violence. Even 10 years ago, Internet pornography hardly ever led to the sexual criminal behavior of adolescents. Today, it is responsible for the vast majority of these cases.





The problem will not disappear by itself, what can we do?


The porn `offers´ have developed and changed. Right now on the Internet, there is more hardcore pornography than ever previously available. Sadistic sex practices, where women are physically and verbally humiliated, tormented and abused by several men at once, are available using only one mouse click for each child.





The porn market on the Internet needs to be analyzed. It needs more research, and we need effective solutions to ensure that dehumanized, sexual violence against women, is not an everyday entertainment program for schoolchildren.




A ten years old schoolboy played out his ‘sexual fantasies’ by raping a girl under eight

after he became addicted to extreme pornography on the Internet.


Is this what we want?


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