SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Pornography limits our experiences of sexuality Pornography consumption is programming patterns of sexual arousal in the brain of the user In the brain structures of regular porn consumers, the biochemical patterns of sexual excitement that trigger the depictions of the porn industry, are anchored neuronal in the brain, and thus also in the experience of the person concerned. The sexual scope of experience remains linked neuronal to the strong visual stimuli, and loveless practices of the porn industry. Sexual pleasure is reduced to the level of animal, instinctual satisfaction without feelings. Pornography Consumers program (unintentionally) neuronal pleasure programs into their brain structures, which can determine the sexuality of young users, and intensive users over a life-long period. When experiencing sexual arousal, these programs are automatically retrieved by the brain, and the person concerned is trapped in the head cinema of his porn experiences, even if he is sexually active with a real partner. ( Today, men drain the sexual charge of their pornographic impressions into the woman's body. Under the influence of pornography sexuality does not create any closeness or attachment. The partner is just a body and exchangeable. Pornography addictive people who obsessively consume porn, respond similarly to porn as drug addicts do on their drug. The pressure on the porno-consumer is increasing, but not the sexual desire. The addict is driven by the prospect of distributing the euphoric messenger dopamine, in the brain's reward center. Porn-consumption dampens the reactions of the user, requiring ever greater stimulation through harder sex scenes, or more material to experience the same reward. The porn industry serves this need and produces more hard-core pornography than ever. (Voon, V., et al. (2014). Neural Correlates of Sexual Cue Reactivity in Individuals with and without Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, PLoS ONE, 9(7), e102419. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102419;) Pornography arouses the desire to imitate. "So if they're watching a woman get kicked around and called names while feeling aroused, they're more likely to associate that kind of violence with being sexy .... Even if porn is not violent, viewers are learning to see other People as nothing more than objects made to be used for sexual pleasure." Link: Sexual brutality: What began with the soft-porn as a positive revolt for sexual liberation in the 1970´s has today been reversed with Internet pornography. The constant availability of hardcore pornography, accessible to every child, and around the clock, distorts the image of human sexuality. The omnipresence of pornography in our society creates in the minds of the users, a dangerous notion of the relationship between woman and man, female lust, and sexual drive satisfaction. The woman becomes a willing object of pleasure, which serves the sexual satisfaction of the man. Her body is used and her femininity is degraded. The user's brain is calling for ever-stronger stimuli, with every hardcore scene, in order to achieve a satisfying, level of sexual excitement. The porn industry delivers these pictures and shows ever harder sexual practices. The user's brain anchors the images with lustful feelings, which arouses the desire to imitate. Everyone who consumes daily porn-silicone breasts, and pain-free body openings, in close-up to sexual excitement, loses not only the ability to perceive a woman as a sentient being, he also loses the ability to experience pleasure, sensuality, and sexual satisfaction with an entirely natural, female body. Porno consumers experience real sex as less satisfying. The models of the porn industry do not correspond to the size of the daily users, which is why erectile dysfunctions and feelings of inferiority are the side effects of pornography. The psyche of the young consumers compensates for pornography with depression and anxiety. (Robinson, M. and Wilson, G. (2011). Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction: A Growing Problem. Psychology Today, July 11.) The heart becomes a closed zone by pornography! Feelings for the (sex) partner can not develop by the regular porn-user. The brain learns to experience sexual arousal without emotions. The experience of sensual, emotional sex, and emotional closeness, can remain neuronally closed to young users for a lifetime. ( (Elizabeth M. Morgan, “Associations between Young Adults’ Use of Sexually Explicit Materials and Their Sexual Preferences, Behaviors, and Satisfaction,” Journal of Sex Research 48, no. 6 (2011): 520–530. ) The lust without fulfilling kick: Pornography consumption reduces measurably the release of happiness hormones, and the feeling of satisfaction during sex. While having sex without love, the production of the stress hormones increases adrenaline, and noradrenaline, thereby consuming life energy. (Paul, P. (2010). From Pornography to Porno to Porn: How Porn Became the Norm. In J. Stoner and D. Hughes (Eds.) The Social Costs of Pornography: A Collection of Papers (pp. 3–20). Princeton, N.J.: Witherspoon Institute.) The sexual energy of porn consumers is discharged into the void during ejaculation on the monitor, without energetic feedback through contact with a partner. A fulfilling sexuality goes beyond the penetration of body openings and the availability of the body. Sexual energy is not only a sacred but healing energy: In human sexuality, there is a spiritual power that extends consciousness, and a pathway towards opening the heart. Sexuality paired with loving feelings strengthens, heals and transforms. In the case of an emotional sexuality with open eyes, the brain rewards the loved ones with dopamine distributions, (euphoria and happiness). Love-making is for the nervous system, like a meditative state, which harmonizes the brain currents, and leads to the distribution of happiness hormones, which strengthens our energy of life. Sexual ecstasy and unity experiences deepen the connection to the partner. What type of sex would your soul want to have? PASSION How I long to embrace the touch of loves sweet caress The power and emotion of pure sensitiveness Raw lips upon lips The clash of hungry tongues upon surrendering teeth Trembling fingers, fumbling furtively, torridly, and fondly, amidst the twilight of darkness that is about to embrace two loving souls Hungry to devour that which is to come next After the stripping down to the openness of the bare naked flesh I cradle your face in my palm my darling As I share my soul with you I love you, I want you, I need you Always. (Phillip Holmes – June 2017) "True intimacy is the communion between soul and soul: sexual energy is sacred energy, and when we have restored the sexual experience in the realm of the saints, our world will be divine, holy, and cured." (Deepak Chopra) Please support and share SOS. Thank you! . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!