We can consciously create the reality of our world


The development of human consciousness has reached a level that enables us to control our evolution on Earth. The capabilities of our frontal brain enable us to plan our future and anticipate the consequences of our actions and behavior. It is time to exploit this

particular potential for a new, holistic consciousness, visions, and changes,

that serve the good of humanity and the planet.


A vision of change


It is about nothing less than our future on Earth, about the expansion of our consciousness, the recognition of our human potential, overcoming wars, violence, social exclusion and the oppression of women. The Earth and humanity can find in a natural order, when we use

the feminine and masculine energy for the benefit of our community harmoniously

unite and leaving patriarchal structures behind us.


The freely accessible porn market on the internet is changing our world. This generates sexual ideas and a gender-role understanding that reflects the patriarchal structure and reinforces

the male dominance in our world. The status of women is weakened by the boom of the porn industry and divides the genders. Pornography does more than just sexual arousal,

it implants in the brain the user's completely wrong values,

ideas and stereotypes for dealing with women.


The omnipresence of pornographic shows of willing women serving as sex objects for the male drive is a backward trend in our social development, which destroys the achievements of emancipation and equality.


The daily presence of pornography and fictional violence decomposes

creeping compassion, love and respect in our society.


Our consciousness, technology and science have evolved to the point where we can see where the current entertainment trends are taking us. We can use computed tomography and brain scans to map out and visualize what pornography and fictional violence create in the

 brain and in the psyche of the recipient, and thus in our society will

 have a long-term effect.


We create a reality with the questionable entertainment of our time,

in which we live anxiously and insecure and love becomes a scarce commodity.


The uprooting and social blindness, which are triggered by destructive media models and increasingly appear, not only remove the people of the information age from each other,

they split them from the essence and the meaning of their lives. More and more people

are becoming self-alienated and disoriented in their lives and thereby become

easy manipulable consumers.


Humans need love and security.


SOS wants to stimulate psycho-sanitation and give new impulses how our global lives can evolve, when we banish the noxious and addictive substances of a brutal and destructive entertainment industry from our everyday lives, because we recognize that they harm us

on many levels. We could broadcast constructive programs which strengthens our psyche,

the well-being of our children, and the union of women and men, which promote

our mental health and social future.


Where should the journey of humanity go?


The world we live in is not a finished product for which there is no alternative. It is prepared in secret and presented to us medially. Our reality is created by people, political and market interests, that struggle for power and resources on the planet. We should not accept the artificially created abuses of our world as given. Together we can change them, and

consciously create a livable future based upon love and humanity.


Shift in consciousness


If we acknowledge the impact of pornography and fictional violence on our society, and develop an awareness that by promoting a destructive entertainment industry, we are limiting our potential, and bunting our emotions,- but collectively, - we can make meaningful changes.

Later generations will probably look back on the dawn of the 21st century and the blindness of our society through free (hardcore) pornography, as we look today back to the cruelty of the Middle Ages. Maybe this aberration of the daily entertainment with pornography and fictional violence

has to happen, so that we wake up and realize that it is time to find

new ways of using media.




Freely available pornography on the Internet does not strengthen us and does nothing to enhance the necessary change of consciousness on our beautiful planet. Women become interchangeable sex objects, and the men become increasingly unable to bond.

Internet pornography as an anonymous and constantly available socialization agency for children, and adolescents alike, poisoning our entire future.



Balance between mankind and nature:


By harmonizing and strengthening the union of woman and man, we regenerate our society,

our collective development, and the vital energies of our mother Earth.

Freely available pornography separates the male from the female energy, promoting the obsolete, hierarchical patriarchal structures. The creative `feminine´ principle is subordinated to the domination of the male impulse, which leads our countries and states in competitions,

power struggles, pollution, oppression, and wars.



Vision of a modern matriarchy:


An alternative form of society to the patriarchy is the matriarchy, a mother-centered society based on the original maternal values such as nurturing, caring, welfare, and peacekeeping. There is no gender repression, where women and men have the same value and complement each other with their special, gender-specific abilities and strengths.



Matriarchies are basically need-oriented:

"Their rules are designed to best meet the needs of all people," mothering "(motherhood and maternal attitude) from a maternal, biological fact, into a cultural model, which is much better for human coexistence than the manor in which patriarchy treats and abuses motherhood. "

(Heide Göttner-Abendroth, "Der Weg zu einer egalitären Gesellschaft", Drachenverlag, 2008)



What is a matriarchal society?

"In matriarchal societies," `equality´does not mean the equalizing of differences. Natural differences between the sexes and generations are respected and honored, but they are not used to create hierarchies (egalitarian society). They have their own dignity and their own fields of action, which are complementary to each other. Balance between people and all areas

is a basic principle.”

(Heide Göttner-Abendroth, "Der Weg zu einer egalitären Gesellschaft", Drachenverlag, 2008)



Equilibrium between female and male energy!


Men and women are fundamentally different creatures. A male brain is differently cross-linked

to that of a female brain. The gender-specific differences between women and men are less dependent on education, but are based upon on the different mix of hormones. Women and men are guided by a specifically different biochemistry, and driven by different needs and motives that dictate their predetermined behavior.


  Testosterone, which at the beginning of puberty floods the male brain, makes men powerful, self-assured, and risk-tolerant. Men are looking for tests of courage and the challenge of competitions. They want to demonstrate strength and defeat their competitors. They feel empowered together and also as one in the male `pack´.


With the advent of puberty, biochemistry also changes in the female brain.

The rising estrogen level makes girls sensitive, caring and compassionate. They want to be there for others, feel popular and consider themselves to be beautiful and desirable. They strive for harmony in their relationships and are interested in social issues.


The `Corpus callosum´, a thick bundle of nerve fibers connecting the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere of the brain, is about eighty times thicker in the female organ than in that of the male. This makes it far easier for women to process a lot of information at the same time.

Men are more rational and linear, single-step thinkers, whilst women tend to think

intuitively and holistically.



A peaceful society is based upon the balance of equilibrium between

female and male energy.


A society in which the male principle governs, inevitably leads us into competition, rivalries and wars. It is the nature of the man to want to succeed, while the female principles strive for harmony in the community.


The splitting spirit of the Kali-Yuga (the dark age, a cycle of the Vedic cosmology) began 5000 years ago, first and foremost, to destroy the harmony between woman and man. Only then could

the further offender-victim constellations arise, beginning with a patriarchal image of God.




Internet pornography is a socialization agent

Freely available pornography enhances the polarization of the sexes. Men dominate women in pornographic representations. They have the power and subordination over the (physically) weak female, expecting her to submit to their sexual drive. In the everyday consciousness of the user, women become nothing more than interchangeable sex objects that are frequently penetrated,

yet not loved. In the typically feminine endeavor for harmony and recognition, the porn actresses subordinate themselves to the script and the male sexual impulse, while their female energy is exhausted and degraded. Even young girls, as well as women who are socialized by pornography, are increasingly orientated to the roles of their peers in the Porn industry, thus transferring them psychologically to their role in their relationship towards the opposite sex.





We need the courage and the pioneering spirit to create a new orientation of the planet, which uses our biological systems to their best abilities, and works for the benefit of all people. We can foster healthy relationships and partnerships that are closely allied, and strengthened, in oder to secure the human future on the planet: This can only be achieved by freeing ourselves from the blindness of a vicious, competitive, and pornographic producing patriarchy.



Love and peace on Earth!


When the female and male energy are strategically strengthened in unification, we can create harmony, growth, food, and energy for all the peoples of this world. "Our world"! If we follow the destructive mind programming of the media industry that brutalizes our children and

degrades women into sex objects, our world will only end in chaos and decay.


A peaceful world and harmonious coexistence on the earth, can easily be created from the innate, female desire to create love, peace and harmony. The feminine energy, which represents the creative, nourishing and social principle, can direct the destinies of the planet for the benefit

of all human beings, whilst the physical strength and mental structure of the strident, male masculinity, can be employed as a stabilizing protector, and guardian of the human community, that pays tribute to all life, providing new free technologies in conjunction with the nature

of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, as `Citizens of a free World´.



Humanity and respect:


Together we can build a society where everyone, regardless of gender, according to her,

or his, personal abilities, can stimulate themselves into creating a world in which

the values of togetherness and humanity replaces industrial profit greed,

and political, power striving forces.



SOS wants to help make humanity stand out from the shadows created by the artificially generated darkness that is fed to us through the mass media that seeks

to control our every living moment.


Freely available pornography supports the limiting structures of the materialistic world view that determines our lives. It reduces us by focusing even more on the body, allowing sex to become a consumer good and completely blocking out the mind, feelings and soul of the human being.

We learn from the (realistic) images that are shown to us, they program our brain structures unnoticed and subliminal. While we think we're just entertain ourselves at the screen,

 our world and our interactions are changing in a dark direction.


That does not have to be!

We can change the course our world takes!


Please support SOS and spread the knowledge.

Thank you very much!



Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!