SOS SAVE OUR SEXUALITY Love is the key to a peaceful future on Earth Freely available pornography leads us into a loveless and violent future on Earth The freely accessible porn market on the Internet changes our world. It creates sexual ideas and a gender-role understanding that supports and strengthens the patriarchal structure, and the male dominance in our world. The worth of women is weakened by the boom of the porn industry. Consumption of pornography causes more than just sexual arousal; It supplies the mental implantation of totally false values, perceptions, and stereotypes in the user's brain, for the (male) dealing with women. Pornography changes the user´s brain and consciousness. Freely accessible Internet pornography, which has become a socialization agent for children, as well as for adolescents, prevents their development into loving and per social adults. It does not enrich our society when children and teenagers on the Internet can consume pornography. It does in fact, have a reverse effect, depriving them of their sensual love-ability, and the possibility of an emotional connection between women and men, by a neural mind-programming effect at the PC monitor. We can now shape our social future! If the influence of freely available pornography remains on the collective consciousness, girls and women become more at risk than ever to fall victim to the danger of sexual violence. The brain of young men changes its structures in the intoxication of the sexual excitement at the monitor and the amply encircling testosterone. The young male brain responds to women, like a numb, sex-hungry biological-computer that scans the body for sexual readiness. In turn young girls voluntarily reduce themselves to interchangeable sex dolls in the search for love, and under the pressure of the pornographic role models. They feel that men's value of women is increasingly linked to their sexual attractiveness and willingness, compared on the scale portrayed by the models of the porn industry. Other feminine qualities are increasingly being blacked out. In the porno age relationships remain physical and superficial. Both women and men find themselves placed under the pressure of the role models of the porn industry, leaving them feeling increasingly overwhelmed, and internally emptied by sexual activities. The partner has become interchangeable, resulting in the loss of connecting intimacy, and as such, feelings and proximity, are no longer experienced in the sexual act, as people imitate the actions and patterns as displayed to them by the (world wide) presence of the porn industry. Freely available pornography creates a masculine self-understanding through an (unintended) mind-programming effect, to use women for their sexual drive, while the female body is abused, injured and degraded. The porn industry is increasingly robbing (young) women of the possibility of meeting a lover who reveres the female body and stimulates the original female power while having sex. Freely available Internet pornography makes our sexual experience smaller! The image of the woman as a (pain-free) lust object of the man has already unconsciously set itself in the minds of the modern Internet society. The majority of citizens believe in sexual liberation through pornography. But in reality, the free availability of pornography has a destructive and debilitating effect on our lives. Even though women are regarded as equated in the Western world, they remain subordinated to the man (not only sexually) by the effects of pornography in the collective consciousness. When human sexuality finds its way back into its natural harmony, in which both - men and women- adore the feminine lust as a source of creation of life, we can start to live in a peaceful and equal society. Social future If pornographic representations continue to influence the extent of awakening sexuality, and the understanding of the roles of millions of underage consumers, future relationships will only be produced through impulsive sexuality. That in turn will lead us to lose not only the basis for viable partnerships, but also the basis for a compassionate and social society. The process in this direction has already begun. In the long term, the omnipresence and free availability of pornography leads the young, modern Internet society into a world of sexual brutalization, emotional isolation, leaving it stranded as a Whale upon the beach, completely unable to bond whilst they are consuming interchangeable (sex-) partners. Do we want this? "We are probably the last generation that will experienced the feeling of sensual sexuality, love and trust." ( The policy promotes by the free availability of pornography on the Internet neither the well-being of the citizen nor the sexual liberation, just the profit interests of the industry. "The 21st century is only 15 years old and the remaining 85 years are still yet to come. There are many ways to improve the world, to rethink our lives: at family level, community level, national level, and international, global level." (Dalai Lama, 2015) Do we want the script of life on Earth to be written by greed for profit, or by humanity? Please support and share SOS. Thank you. . Save Our Sexuality, Save Our World!